Saturday, September 14, 2019

Thought Provoking Stuff, by JC L'Angelle, (C) 2019 amérique ou buste

Thought Provoking Stuff, by JC L'Angelle, (C) 2019 amérique ou buste

I just can't recite anything off the cuff,
Most of what I write isn't thought provoking stuff.
If there's  one thing I cannot stress enough
Is my lack of talent to write thought provoking stuff.
There's just a mental hangup for writing something deep,
Every time I try I want to fall to sleep.

Don't look into this poetry for some hidden theme,
Or a revelation from a recent dream.
Leave it those who are divinely inspired,
Thought provoking stuff just makes me tired.
Becoming a great poet is something I would consider,
If I didn't have a hang up for being such a quitter.

Or being called a marshmallow or a creampuff
For writing thought provoking stuff.
Take it from a man who's been around the block,
I'm not big on writing or even casual talk.
So please don't upset me or make me distraught,
By making me write stuff that provokes thought.

Rene Descartes once said; "I think therefore I am,"
But I don't understand that dithyramb.
Maybe it makes sense to Socrates,
As far as I'm concerned it's written in Chinese.
If I were to have a class in poetry,
There is something I would guarantee,

I'd be forced to drop out of society
Because it doesn't mean anything to me.
So if you're looking for some clever rhyme,
Don't look to me for I just don't have the time.
I'm not here to fill the world full of fluff,
By filling up the universe with thought provoking stuff.

Thought Provoking Stuff
James C. L'Angelle
(C) amérique ou buste

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