Saturday, September 14, 2019

Song of the Rohingya ....poème de L'Angelle pour l'Amérique ou le buste

Rohingyas once meant the word Moslems in Burmese
they lived a peaceful life and did what they please
then soldiers came and rohingyas soon meant refugees
They fled across the border and learned Bengalese.

 Rohingyas by the thousands live in the camp of Kutupalong
they arrived most wearing only sandals and  sarong
they swam across the Naf, weak carried by the strong
to a land where the natives only spoke in diphthong.

in kutu with a food card that can buy up to thirteen
items from potato to leaf that is green,
with rice and sugar and semoline
শুকনো মাছ এবং মরিচ round out the cuisine.

The camp is flooded every year by the monsoon
what once was dry land becomes a muddy lagoon
it doesn't stop raining and flooding when it starts in June
and doesn't end until the অক্টোবর পূর্ণিমা.

rohingya have tried sailing away in leaky boats
a fitting end for ironies and anecdotes
or filling up prose with promising quotes
by a poet whose life he devotes

to making sense out of hunger and sorrow by rhyme and refrain
about refugees cast overboard in the rain
but rohingya we are, all of us as it is at once germane
to drown in the Bay of bengal out on some sea lane.

Song of the Rohingya ....poème de L'Angelle pour l'Amérique ou le buste

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