Saturday, September 14, 2019

On Asylum, In 2019 ..... poème de L'Angelle pour l'Amérique ou le buste

      On Asylum, In 2019    L'Angelle

By Rosario's mercado and Juanita's taqueria
the mission was last before Caravan Migrante.
Hitching rides on trucks, not on La Bestia 
Walking with family in prayer and silent.

Try to forget, it is nobody's fault
con el niño a la espalda or in stroller.
The sun burned our feet on the black asphalt
a thousand miles north toward the border

At the wall our children were tear gassed
some drowned in the river when we crossed.
Arrested we waited as days and months passed
we tried not to remember the friends we had lost.

We pleaded for freedom from incarceration
from conditions condemned inhumane.
Niños tomados to another location
adding to our misery and pain

As we live day to day, life grows bitter
politicians see us drink toilet water.
They go back home and play with their Twitter
then bribe some college to admit their daughter

Now they turn down our application
and shout "Go back to where you came from!"
They think we are here on summer vacation
when all we wanted was asylum.

On Asylum, In 2019      L'Angelle pour amérique ou buste

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