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JOUR304.3001--Essay: Social Inequalities are Reflected Online--UNIV OF NEVADA, SUMMER 2019

JOUR 304.3001
James L'Angelle
Dr. Paromita Pain
13 June 2019

ASSIGNMENT 004: Social Inequalities are Reflected Online

     Bigots, homophobes, cyberbullies, gender bashers, racists and fascists; social media is overrun by them. Every day across cyberspace, from Facebook to Twitter, from Fox News to Daily Beast comment boards, the hate crowd is out for blood. If they're not insulting your intelligence, they are humiliating your loved ones; if that doesn't work, they'll body shame you and in many cases, resort to a "final solution," the death threat. How does gender, race, education, wealth and mental state play into all of this? Are there ways to analyze, categorize and segregate those who have weaponized the web for hate against those who are vulnerable?
     Ratios are useful when it comes to breaking down internet social media users by gender. In the Hargittai-Shafer study on Perceived Online Skills, the authors point out the role of "self-efficacy" in the apparent (and statistical) disparity exhibited in computer use by gender;
"self-efficacy beliefs revolve around ‘one’s capability to organize and execute the courses of action required to manage prospective situations’." (Hargittai, Shafer, Social Science Quarterly)
The article appears to jump in at a contemporary stage in gender analysis of the internet and social media. We might want to take a minute and redefine "social media" and its role in culture.

     No secret is the fact that for generations, parents have bought toys for their kids based on a "perceived" role in society. Again, there is no reason to deny the inference that GI Joes, Barbie dolls, baseball bats and sewing needles may be considered a form of media, in fact, social. Gender stereotype is thus developed at an early stage, and as Marlene Kollmayer and her associates note in the paper on parents' "Desirability of Toys for their Children";
     "Gender-typed toy play leads to the promotion of different skills in boys and girls, with girls practicing communal roles and boys practicing agentic roles." (Kollmayer, Shultes et al.,
The difference in communal (housewife) versus agentic (breadwinner) can be traced as far back as The Enlightenment with Rousseau and Dr. John Gregory, who promoted the dedicated housewife philosophy for women as opposed to feminism prior to the French Revolution; in direct opposition to Mary Wollstonecraft's rejection of the second-class citizen role for women. (Reese, L., Women in World History) How does all of this translate to modern times and gender bashing on the web?
     Sally Weale points out in The Guardian the disparity between boys and girls and toys;
"Research by the Institution for Engineering and Technology (IET) found that toys with a science, technology, engineering and maths (Stem) focus were three times as likely to be targeted at boys than girls." (Weale, S., The Guardian 2016)
No wonder that by the time the kids are grown, there is a built-in assumption that women are not equal to men when it comes to computers, reflected online, in particular, on social media. Naturally, if women are inferior in computer skills to the perennial (male) "White Anglo-Saxon Protestant," (defined in the '60s generation as "WASP"), then everybody else; blacks, Jews, foreigners, cross-genders, mentally impaired, old people and the homeless, are also inferior, worthy of being put down. It's a basic natural assumption, possibly even what it considers an "inherent right," for white supremacy to draw this conclusion. It would certainly not be too drastic of a quantum deductive leap to peg white supremacists as those posting most of the hate filled rhetoric found on social media.
     Segregating and, or banning social media use to the particular group responsible for hate messaging is but a short term solution for the plague now sweeping at epidemic proportions across cyberspace. Recent cases drawing attention to that aspect of "cleaning up the web" have proven short sighted and bordering on failure. The social media problem is a social one, not a technological one.

LATE ENTRY: Two articles have just been reported relating to advertising and gender inequality, now banned in the UK.

'Harmful' gender stereotypes in adverts banned;
     "The new rule follows a review of gender stereotyping in adverts by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) - the organisation that administers the UK Advertising Codes, which cover both broadcast and non-broadcast adverts, including online and social media."

UK bans ads promoting 'harmful gender stereotypes,' tying physique to romantic success, by Sam Borman
     "It's likely to censor content that emphasizes distinctions between boys' and girls' stereotypical personalities (daring versus caring), belittles men for engaging in stereotypically female activities or suggests women are solely responsible for cleaning houses."
      "CAP also warns against ads that stereotype culture, race, religion and belief, gender and sexual orientation, disability or illness, and age."

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019


FEAR OF FLYING ---James L'Angelle@SbB19

It wouldn’t be the truth in fact I’d be lying,
If I told you I didn’t have a fear of flying.

You get to the airport where every ten yards
Are submachine guns in the hands of guards.
You wait in line for hours for a thirty minute flight
When you get to the counter it’s hard to be polite.

The check-in girl wants to know all about your life
Do you do drugs or beat up on your wife.
Then you have to list  your next of kin
And what about your horse, is it Arabian.

The sky marshal’s making out with the stewardess,
The pilot’s in the pantry drinking vodka in excess.
At the cockpit door is a Middle Eastern chap
Hollering so loud he woke me from my nap.
“Death to America,” the fanatic loudly cries,
It isn’t hard to see the murder in his eyes.

You finally get to sit down in your seat
The first thing you see there's no room for your feet.
The pilot announces there will be a slight delay
And that takes up almost half of a day.

But then comes the biggest surprise
When the flight attendant with a crazy look in her eyes
Tells you something that is hard to believe
That you've been bumped from the flight and will have to leave.

They're dragging some other people off the plane
As they beat them on the head you can almost feel their pain
They pull them by their arms and drag them by their shoes
Everybody's taking pictures to send off to the news.

I left in a hurry because they are all insane,
The next time I fly, I think I'll take a train.
It's getting harder but I have been really trying
To get over my fear of flying.

JOUR304.3001--Mid Term Proposal: Disruptive Innovation and Social Media--UNIV OF NEVADA, SUMMER 2019

JOUR 304.3001
James L'Angelle
Dr. Paromita Pain
12 June 2019

Mid Term Proposal: Disruptive Innovation and Social Media

      Paradigms are meant to be replaced. The phenomenon known as "social media" may or may not be considered a paradigm in the strict sense of the word but it has made a major mark not just on the internet but on culture itself.
      Within the confines of the social media universe, trends rise and fall depending on the demands made by consumers and demands developed by industry. Pressure from both of those demands creates an atmosphere where progress, often times radical, replaces inertia. That pressure in radical form is defined by Clayton Christensen of Harvard University as "disruptive innovation."

     PROPOSAL: Option One:-- Define that pressure; the breaking points, the fall of the social media paradigm and if and when it does, what caused it and what lies beyond.
     BACKGROUND: Trace the evolution of social media from the chat room to the all pervasive leviathan, "too big to fail."
     METHODOLOGY: Apply scientific processess such as deductive and inductive analysis to examine how social media might be vulnerable to a paradigm shift brought about by disruptive innovation.
     CONCLUSIONS: Present convincing arguments that social media is here to stay or just another cultural trend; subject to internal and external forces such as privacy issues and economics.

(NOTE: I do not have a team member as no one came forward to volunteer and I failed to search for a suitable associate to assist in the proposal. Please advise what I need to do from here.)

Thank You,
James L'Angelle

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

POETRY---Some Old, Some New---JC L'ANGELLE: (C) 2019 D-INNOVATION

Kettle of Fish 

If I had one wish,
it would be to die in the Kettle of Fish.
Some late night when the Village sleeps
and only the Grim Reaper reaps
Whatever he sows
as he walks down the rows
of houses and through Washington Square
Where late at night no one dare
go except to the Kettle of Fish
To die someday if I had one wish.

If I had one wish,
it would be to die in the Kettle of Fish
As the moon sinks over the Village west,
that's where to lay my soul to rest.
Out in the dark,
at the Square park,
 underneath Washington Arch,
drums beating a funeral march
As life goes on in the Kettle of Fish,
there I'll die someday I wish.

If I had one wish,
 it would be to die in the Kettle of Fish
as fog diminishes the view outside,
So no one there would know I died,
except for a few,
maybe one or two
who might have known why I was there;
And if they had one minute to spare,
grant me that single wish
and let me die in the Kettle of Fish.

Before I'm Old and Gray

Keeping with tradition of protest and sedition,
I examined my condition
working for the man all day.

A task that never varied
 as I struggled and I tarried
with the burden that I carried,
all this for little pay.

The alarm on the clock
made me jump and walk,
it was useless to talk,
for I had nothing to say.

One foggy morning
and with great forlorning,
I gave not a warning
and I quit and ran away.

I had nothing to take,
there was no one to forsake,
no promises to break,
no one asked me to stay.

I set my destination
and my launch defenestration
was to cross this mighty nation
hoping that I would not stray.

I would travel west to east
loaded down with the least
so not taken for a beast
that need be held at bay.

I would travel through a blizzard
 perhaps mistaken for a wizard
and would sacrifice my gizzard
if I didn't have to pray.

And not return again
to places I had been
or to find the next of kin
in a town along the way.

No one need to take pity
for I'll be sitting pretty
 when I reach New York City
 before I'm old and gray.